How and why Quadraspire furniture makes your HiFi sound even better

What you place your HiFi on will affect its performance. Placing your HiFi on a Quadraspire rack will help reduce resonance, lower the noise floor and open the soundstage to make your HiFi sound even better.


Solid Bamboo Ply

Our shelves are made from solid bamboo ply that is strong, suppresses vibration and is carbon neutral.


Solid Aluminium Columns

The columns and feet in our racks are made from solid aluminium not tubular, to dissipate energy quickly.


No Parallel Lines

our designs try to avoid parallel lines in the same way as most musical instruments to reduce resonance.



Like musical instruments, our designs use bronze and brass to open up the soundstage.



Our open rack design and the SVT slotted shelves in particular help dissipate heat from your HiFi system.


Light and Strong Designs

The racks are light and strong to reduce resonance and lower the noise floor whilst opening the soundstage.



Flexible designs to hold a variety of different sized systems. Can also be easily reconfigured and added to.


Factory Designed and Made

All Quadraspire products are designed and made by our own team in Great Britain.

More notes from R&D


It is commonly accepted that every component in a HiFi system from amplifier to source including record decks, cd players and streamers are microphonic and produce resonance that will distort the quality of the music reproduced by a HiFi system. This distortion can be significantly reduced by siting the HiFi system on a purpose built rack designed to deal with the resonance.

The design of a high performance HiFi rack and the use of materials in its construction is critical. To develop our equipment racks we use the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way as the finest musical instruments are developed. From extensive research we found that the use of non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium and Bronze along with natural materials such as Wood and Bamboo reduce resonance. Furthermore the shape of the shelves and columns used within the HiFi rack will determine how resonance is treated. In particular we found that a light but rigid construction delivers a clearer, cleaner musical performance.  

Our first rack – the Q4 – was launched twenty years ago and is still one of our most popular racks throughout the world.

The SVT performance rack was developed for larger HiFi systems and better sound performance. In 2015 we launched the Bronze upgrade that can be easily retro fitted to the top shelf of any Q4EVO or SVT rack or wall bracket. Bronze has a broader tonal spectrum and greater sustain that opens the soundstage of your system making it more musical and enjoyable without losing detail.

To extend the benefits of the Bronze upgrade to all the components in a system we developed the X reference high performance HiFi rack. Square or rectangular shelves encourage standing waves which can distort the sound of your system. By using a curved design we avoid parallel lines thereby reducing standing waves as well as reducing mass. We extended this principal to the X shelf with a more extreme curve and edge chamfer to reduce mass along with a middle aperture that allows the SVT shelf to breathe. 

The Signature X Reference rack employs the same principals but without any powder coat on the columns which allows them to breathe more naturally. Also instead of being lacquered the shelves are finished with Nextel coating which has very good damping properties.