Bronze Upgrade


How and why Quadraspire furniture makes your HiFi sound even better

What you place your HiFi on will affect its performance. Placing your HiFi on a Quadraspire performance HiFi racks will help reduce resonance, lower the noise floor and open the soundstage to make your HiFi sound even better.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Q4 Evo HiFi rack we developed the bronze Upgrade that can be easily retro fitted to any Q4 Evo or SVT HiFi rack or wall shelf. Bronze has a broader tonal spectrum and greater sustain that opens the soundstage of your system making it more musical and enjoyable without losing detail.

Central to all our research was extensive listening tests using the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way as the finest musical instruments are developed. In fact bronze is one of several high copper content alloys used as a substitute for the more common types of brass to construct the bodies and bells of metal wind instruments. Even some instrument strings for acoustic guitars, mandolins and violins are wrapped with bronze. In addition to the distinctive appearance provided by the reddish-orange hue of bronze, it provides a broader harmonic response spectrum.

Improved performance for source components

Beautiful bronze engineering

Adjustable spiked assembly for finer levelling

Made in Britain
Made in Britain

Engineered for sound

The bronze upgrade is an excellent upgrade for your HiFi rack
Bronze Upgrade

It’s no coincidence that a lot of musical instruments use brass and bronze. Our designs use bronze and brass to open up the soundstage, making the bronze upgrade an excellent upgrade for your HiFi racks.

Bronze upgrades are designed to avoid parallel lines
Avoids Parallel Lines

Our bronze upgrades are designed to avoid parallel lines in the same way as most musical instruments to reduce resonance

Bronze upgrades are made from bronze for improved resonance

Bronze upgrades are made from bronze for improved resonance. Our research and design found that bronze and brass are good materials for reducing resonance so we developed a bronze upgrade for all of our HiFi racks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With or without the bronze upgrade, all our HiFi rack shelves support a maximum of 80kg per shelf.

Product specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.