X-Reference HiFi Racks


How and why Quadraspire furniture makes your HiFi sound even better

What you place your HiFi on will affect its performance. Placing your HiFi on a Quadraspire performance HiFi racks will help reduce resonance, lower the noise floor and open the soundstage to make your HiFi sound even better.

X-Reference bamboo HiFi rack close-up

Designed to be ultra lightweight whilst maintaining strength, the X shelf is 2.2kg but can hold over 80kg. The Nextel coated X shelf allows the SVT to truly perform making your system sound even better.

Quadraspire made in Britain
Made in Britain

Engineered for sound

X-Reference HiFi Racks - bronze foot close-up


It’s no coincidence that a lot of musical instruments use brass and bronze. Our research and design found that bronze and brass are good materials for reducing resonance so we developed a bronze foot that comes with our X-Reference HiFi racks.

X-Reference HiFi Racks - bronze spike close-up

Bronze Spike

Bronze spikes are used for our X-Reference feet to reduce resonance in our HiFi racks.

X-Reference HiFi Racks - Nextel coating close-up


Nextel coated to make your system sound even better whilst giving your rack a fantastic striking finish.

X-Reference HiFi Racks - Avoids parallel lines

Designed to
Avoid Parallel Lines

Parallel lines on rectangular shelves encourages resonance which can distort sound. Where possible we avoid parallel lines in the same way as most musical instrument designs.

X-Reference HiFi Racks - Solid bamboo ply

Solid Bamboo Ply

Some shelf materials like glass resonate and can distort sound of your system. As result of extensive testing of different materials we use solid bamboo ply that suppresses vibrations and is also carbon neutral.

X-Reference HiFi Racks - Solid aluminium columns

Solid Aluminium Columns

Steel tube can resonate and distort sound. Aluminium has much less resonance so we use this instead for all of our columns and feet.


X-Reference HiFi Rack Specifications
Black, dark, cherry and natural bamboo finishes

Black, Dark, Cherry & Natural
bamboo finishes

Dimensions of our Quadraspire performance HiFi racks, weight limits, column lengths and finishes. Our X-Reference and Signature HiFi racks use 44mm diameter curved SV columns in black or raw aluminium.

Available heights are:

200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm

A choice of feet, in either black or aluminium with bronze spikes.

Shelves are made from solid bamboo which is available in natural or coloured, with the X shelf available in black Nextel finish. Choice of two X shelf finishes in Black Nextel and orange Nextel available with our Signature HiFi Racks.

Bamboo is unique in its beauty and is therefore subject to variation in grain and colour. Whilst every effort is made to ensure consistency in the representation of the bamboo finishes in the photographs, please be aware that there may be variations between these and the actual product.

Bamboo and Wood are natural products that respond to variations in humidity and temperature by expanding and contracting. Sometimes these changes may be noticeable in the form of small movements or open grain. This is a natural occurrence within the fibres of a natural product and will not affect the performance of your rack.

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Quadraspire made in Britain
Made in Britain

X-Reference Accessories

Upgrade your performance to get more from your music.

X-Reference HiFi Racks - Wall bracket accessories
SVT Wall Brackets
X-Reference HiFi Racks Accessories - Speaker stand accessories
Speaker Stands
X-Reference HiFi Racks Accessories - Floor protector accessories
QX7 Floor protectors

Quadraspire made in Britain
Made in Britain

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to view the answers to some of most common questions for the X-Reference HiFi Racks. If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us and we will be happy to help.

All of our X-Reference HiFi racks will support a maximum of 80kg per shelf, please refer to our specifications section above.

Theoretically there is no limit, we have found that not exceeding 6 tiers (or 1500mm) is the maximum recommended for the whole frame in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Product specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.